Crafted in Denmark since 1989
Premium quality with focus on design and crafted in Den mark. That is the essence of Bosswik and our primary brand BSWK.

We are belt makers - leather craftsmen, artisans and efficient manufacturers.
Vegetable tanned full-grain leather is the essence
At Bosswik there is nothing more important than leather. It is our specialty and our passion.

Leather has an amazing durability and it only gets more beautiful over time when it gains patina. The leather comes from oxhides from European tanneries where it is vegetable tanned.

This tanning process uses natural elements such as bark, moss and chestnuts. Only the oxhides can provide leather thick enough for belt straps. Oil and wax are applied to the leather from the tanneries in order to ensure just the right wonderful sensation of touch when you hold it in your hands.

The excellence in leather is full-grain leather, which we use as much as possible. It is the top layer of the oxhide where the hair has been. Over time it will develop an incredible patina. It is also here the leather fibers really come together in a material that is nigh on impossible to wear down. In fact it is one of the few materials that will only improve and become more exquisite when being used.
Contrary to common practice in the fashion and textile industry, we manufacture our products ourselves - right in the middle of Denmark.

We are experts when it comes to leather and how to process it in order to craft high quality belts. Our leather comes from oxhides from European tanneries – primarily Italian tanneries with a long tanning tradition. They care just as deeply about quality as we do and to ensure that animal welfare is at its best.

The belts are made in a combination of handcraft and modern production. The machines help to ensure the efficiency of the production, but no belt is ever going to be realized without people involved. Skilled people with rich experience cut, glue, dye, sow, and fit from hides to finished belts.

Because Bosswik as a manufacturer sells directly to retailers we can use materials of higher quality but still keep a competitive price for the belts. This makes the belts more available to everyone. Production, warehouse, and administration are kept together in one location in Denmark in order to provide the best possible logistic solution.

Bosswik was founded in 1989 and the experience of making belts extends through family business in generations. We also use our knowledge of belt and leather production to make private label for numerous brands in retail and wholesale.
A natural material
We manufacture responsibly – not because it is required but because it is the right thing to do.

By choosing to retain our production in Denmark, Bosswik comply with one of the world’s most strict codes of labour rights facilitating a premier welfare system. Setting the bar this high we strive to source and affect suppliers and partners to show the same level of care for the people involved in making Bosswik leather goods come to life. An example of improved working conditions is the fact that Bosswik uses water-based edge colouring rather than turpentine-based colouring, though the latter is more durable. However, it is not the best for the people applying the paint.

The leather used for Bosswik’s products is only vegetable tanned leather. This tanning process uses natural elements like bark, chestnut, and moss to extract tannins rather than heavy metal and unnecessary chemicals in chrome tanning. All of Bosswik’s affiliated tanneries take precaution and have the necessary installations to make sure that all waste water from the tanning process is subject to water treatment. None of this water is released directly into the nature affecting wild life.

All leather comes from Western European cattle, primarily French cattle. The tanneries have great focus on animal welfare and only use farms that allow the cattle to live a full life in free range. The hides for the leather are a by-product of meat production to ensure that resources are used most responsibly and breeding is kept sustainable.
BSWK is Bosswik’s own primary brand.

The brand embodies the values of Bosswik with Danish craftmanship and Italian vegetable tanned leather at an affordable and competitive price. The collection is continiously evolving through interaction between market demands, classical deeds and trending design features.

BSWK is our ready to sell solution for retailers, which amongst many parameters include:
  • Wide and deep collection of men’s and women’s belts spanning from classic to jeans style
  • Biannual new collections following general trends and pushing belt fashion
  • Belt display stands and countertop displays for optimized point of sale
  • Belts developed with focus on commercial appeal with best possible turnover rate
  • Most competitive price compared to quality and concept
  • The entire collection is NOOS, continiously manufactured
  • Digital logistics system with EAN codes
  • Access to expert knowledge on leather craft and belts